About QWIC

We want to motivate you to swap the car for an e-bike!

Sustainability is the fundament of our innovative electric bicycles

Mobility is one of the most important demands in Western society. This causes increased traffic and puts more pressure on the environment. Therefore, environmental requirements are becoming more strict. Also, fossil fuels are scarce and getting more expensive. This creates many new opportunities for the development of sustainable transport.

About half of all car rides are shorter than 7 kilometers and 80% is even below 20 km. Perfect distance for an e-bike.

"The many prices we've won highlight the craftmanship and quality which we develop our e-bikes with. It shows that we are ahead of the field in the international e-bike branch"

Taco - Co-founder & CEO QWIC

Performance e-bike ontwerp RD10, en gebuikershandleiding

Design is our distinctive value

QWIC is established in 2006 by Taco Anema and Michiel Hartman, who got to know each other at the Technische Universiteit Delft. A cycling tour from Beiroet to Beijing formed the basis for the establishment of QWIC.

By developing innovative e-bikes for men and women, we don’t just make sustainable e-bikes, but also integrate the fun factor in the bikes. We offer a serious alternative for using the car by adding design elements and innovations from the automotive industry. This way we always try to lift our e-bikes to a higher level.

designers van QWIC werken aan het ontwerp van nieuwe e-bikes


A passionate team of designers and engineers work in Amsterdam to develop innovative and high quality electric bicycles. Every electric bicycle is designed from scratch. With full focus on detail, all products will rise to higher quality level. Pure passion and craftmanship.


Every year in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium e-bikes are extensively tested by independent test institutes. In recent years, many of our e-bikes have been voted the best electric bikes of the year.

iF Design Award

Winner - Premium Q

ElektroRad (DE)

Test Result 'Excellence' - Premium MN7 & MA8

ElektroRad (DE)

E-bike 'Buying tip' - Performance MD11


Beste mid engine - Premium MN7


Best Speed Pedelec - Performance RD10 Speed

Focus Magazine

Best City Bike - Performance MN380

De Telegraaf

Best City Bike - Performance MN380


Best front engine - Premium FN7

Red Dot Design Awards

Best Design - Premium A2.1

The QWIC team