Men’s Electric Bikes

The ideal electric bikes for sporty or comfortable use

Sturdy and elegant electric men's bikes

Thanks to their modern design, the best components and a perfectly adjusted color scheme, our electric bikes ensure that you arrive not only comfortably but also in style at your destination. It’s not for nothing, that our electric men’s bikes have been awarded in many independent tests. In addition, QWIC e-bikes are extra safe due to using the latest rim and disc brakes, as well as highest quality lighting. The electric men’s bikes stand out with their sturdy appearance and highest-quality components. In short, the QWIC range of electric men’s bikes is extremely wide and diverse!

Frame van de RD10 Green Army

The best components

No matter what price range you are looking for, we offer a wide spectrum of prize-winning bikes. QWIC e-bikes have been voted best electric e-bikes of the year. By using durable components in combination with our lightweight aluminum frames, we make sure that our e-bikes are the best ones on the market.

Luxurious finish:

All QWIC e-bikes are composed of the best and most durable components.

Ideal for longer distances:

Our QWIC men’s e-bikes feature the latest technology and powerful support so you can easily travel great distances (with or without luggage).


The design frame from QWIC is a real eye-catcher. From the comfortable Premium series to the Speed Pedelec in the Performance series – all frames are equally striking.

Performance RD10 Speed

The Performance RD10 Speed  is the bike for you, if you like moving fast and in style. This sporty bike is excellent for long distances and commuting use. This allows you to leave the car at home more often and go to work with the speed bike, as you can easily reach speeds up to 45 km/h. Besides doing something for yourself by exercising on the bike, you also help the environment by leaving the car at home on a regular basis. The Performance RD10 Speed is equipped with many innovative and sophisticated components. This e-bike features a powerful rear engine with integrated force sensor for the best riding experience. The AD has declared our RD10 Speed test winner in the ‘Speed Pedelec’ category!

Studiobeeld Performance MN380

Performance MN380

Another special bike in our Performance series is the Performance MN380. This smart e-bike is ideal for daily rides through the city and to work. This electric men’s bike also has all advanced technical components to make cycling easier and more enjoyable. The NuVinci 380 shifting system makes switching between the eight different gears even more convenient, as it ensures that you do not necessarily have to pedal while changing gears.

Man rijdt rond met zijn Preium MA8 Matte Black en passeert het treinspoor

A wide choice of men's electric bikes

QWIC has a wide selection of men’s e-bikes. For example, if you opt for a sporty seating position, have a look at our extensive Performance segment. Speed, luxury and sportsmanship are paramount in this series. Or maybe you are looking for a comfortable electric men’s bike that you want to use for both recreation and commuting? Then an e-bike from the Premium or Urban Series could be right up your street. Compare the different electric men’s bikes with each other and see which type suits your needs best. Tip: with our large range of possible battery capacities, you determine how far you want to go!

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