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Every QWIC e-bike is designed from scratch. Whichever version you may choose, all our women’s and men’s electric bikes are equipped with high quality components. Each handmade frame has been thoroughly tested on quality, stability and handling. Additionally, the lightweight aluminium frame has internal reinforcements for increased rigidity and maneuverability – this results in quality e-bikes standing at the forefront of the market.

Perfect for commuting

A QWIC e-bike brings you to work and home without breaking a sweat. With the support of our powerful engines, cycling will never be the same. You will discover that no hill is too steep, no bridge too high. With our electric bicycles you’ll always get where you need to be in no time. Dutch craftmanship at its best.

Outdoor sfeerbeeld QWIC Performance MN380 zijaanzicht

High quality components

Whichever version you’re choosing, all QWIC electric bikes are equipped with highest quality components. Thanks to the detailed design and innovative solutions, all our e-bikes are easy to maintain and service. If you want to blow off steam after a long day of work, set the support on the lowest level – or choose the easy option and dash home in the fastest mode!

Performance e-bike ontwerp RD10, en gebuikershandleiding

Dutch craftmanship

A passionate team of designers and engineers work in Amsterdam to develop innovative and top quality electric bicycles. Every one of our e-bikes is designed completely from scratch. With full focus on detailed compontents, all products stand for best quality manufacturing. Pure passion and Dutch craftmanship.


Every year in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium e-bikes are extensively tested by independent test institutes. In recent years, many of our e-bikes have been voted the best electric bikes of the year.


Best Mid Engine - Premium MN7


Best Speed Pedelec - Performance RD10 Speed

Red Dot Design Awards

Best Design - Premium A2.1

De Telegraaf

Best Frontmotor - Premium N7.1

Extra Energy

Best Classic E-Bike - Premium MN8

De Telegraaf

Best Buy - Trend FN7.1


Best folding e-bike - Compact FN7

Best Frontmotor - Trend FN7.1


Champion - Compact FN7
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